Your website is often the first contact with the customer and your company’s display window on the Web. Therefore it is important that the content is presented in a distinct and attractive way so the visitor will stay on your website and read more.

WordPress administration tool (CMS)

We make websites with the administration tool WordPress. We build them so they are as user friendly as possible both for the visitor and for the person who will update the site. A good set up and design may be crucial for the visitor to stay on the website and want to read more.

WordPress examples

Rodeo WP

Our experience is that most companies, large and small, have similar needs when it comes to their website. They need the same type of pages. To make it easier and more cost-effective, we have developed what we call the Rodeo WP (WordPress).

Rodeo WP are flexible websites with a basic set up and structure. They are simple to develop further when needed and no website is like the other. With our user-friendly set-up, they are very easy to update. It is the perfect solution for those who need a website to grow with.

Rodeo WP examples

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